If you're here, it indicates your interest in learning more about me. So, what can I share? While discussing myself isn't easy, let's give it a try.
I am a passionate fine art photographer from the charming country of Belgium. 
I love the art of capturing fleeting moments. Whether during my travels, promenades, encounters with people, or vibrant concerts, everything around me becomes a wellspring of inspiration. People, industrial landscapes, expansive skies, breathtaking sunsets, ordinary objects, and even the various forms of food—all serve as my muse.
I started capturing images at the tender age of ten when my mom presented me with my first camera. It accompanied me on a journey with the choir in England, igniting a flame of passion that has never waned.
Cinema has a special place in my heart, forever nourishing my artistic soul. Consequently, I strive to infuse my photographs with a sense of emotion and cinematic ambiance, often employing textures to evoke a particular mood.
Imagine if people could gaze upon my photos and be transported into a realm of captivating stories, evoking an array of emotions. These tales could be beautiful, mysterious, romantic, humorous, or even science fiction—boundless possibilities.
In addition to my photographic pursuits, I am also actively involved in the music industry as a manager, fortunate enough to have contributed to the conception of several album covers.
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