London by morning - Van tour
Ever wondered what happens when you find yourself in London with a band that just rocked the stage the night before, but have limited time to explore the city? Well, the solution is simple. Rise and shine early in the morning, savor a delicious breakfast, and hop into the tour van (claiming the coveted window seat, of course) for an unforgettable guided tour around the bustling metropolis. With our group of eight enthusiastic individuals, all blessed with a great sense of humor and a positive outlook, the experience was nothing short of delightful.
However, as luck would have it, despite the glorious weather we enjoyed on Sunday, Monday presented a completely different atmosphere—a typical rainy day in London. The Windows of the van were misty, adorned with droplets of rain, creating a unique and captivating view. Although I could have wiped the windows clean to capture the exact pictures I desired, I decided to enjoy the moment and experiment with the intriguing condensation. After all, there is always something fascinating to discover, even in the most unexpected circumstances.
Among the multitude of snapshots I took, I have carefully selected a few that truly resonate with me. These moody images possess an ethereal quality, evoking a myriad of stories waiting to be imagined and shared.

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